The First Midwife Appointment and Ultrasound

My first appointment went well.  I met with a Midwife and she was wonderful.  She answered every question I had and many more.  I wanted to know the basic things about L & D like where, who is on staff, what is to be expected and such.  I have talked to her about natural childbirth and have decided to go that route.  When our baby is born he won’t leave our side until we are discharged.  I do love that so I can see if he will breastfeed.  I would like for him to have breast milk for as long as possible so that he can get all the nutrients and antibodies that he needs to form a base for a healthy and strong immune system.

We have attempted again to see if we qualify for some sort of assistance yet we were turned down again.

Our first Ultrasound was amazing.  IT’S A BOY!!!  He is so adorable and looks like he has his Daddy’s mouth and my nose.  He is very active and didn’t want to stay still for a moment.  He likes to grab his little legs with his hands.  He seems to like to keep his legs out straight along the top of his body.  It was a little overwhelming looking in at him and seeing how big he is.  He is about 2 lbs and his heart rate is 139 BPM.  I loved watching his feet kick the scanner and watching his hands grasp.  He even did a little yawn that was so precious.  I do love this little guy more than anything in the world.  I thought my heart would burst.


What are your thoughts?

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