The Little One Loves to Roll and Kick

Little Bobby Chuck (the girls @ work nicknamed him that, heh) loves to stay still most of the day while I move around but if I stand still for a few moments or sit down for a bit he thinks it is play time in Mama’s belly.  I love feeling him move around, although I do have to admit sometimes it makes me feel like I have to go to the bathroom and I really don’t.  The other day I mentioned how I watched my belly jump up.  It was like watching the exorcist (which I do hope little Bobby will love scary movies as much as we do) I don’t know how to describe it other than watching the belly move about without being in control.  It still makes me laugh when I see this.  For the first time last night I felt his foot jabbing into my side and I was able to feel his foot with my hand.  I pressed down lightly and he pressed back.  It was like 2 people touching hands with a glass barrier.  He then moved his foot so I could go back to sleep.  He has also started to learn how to get what he wants, so for any doubters babies in the womb are pretty smart.  This morning he was moving around in the same spot until I gave in and put my hand where he was creating a fuss and rubbed him to sleep.  I think he is training me already.  hehe  So a grabbed one of his Daddy’s blankets and put it over my belly and this seemed to work too.  It is all amazing to feel but I am a little nervous about how strong his little legs and arms will be when he grows and loses the swim room he has.  I am thinking owie now will be like “I think there is a monster in my belly.”  We love our little man.


What are your thoughts?

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