Kicks… Stretching… Pain… and More Kicks…

So the last 2 days had me a little concerned.  Saturday had me so concerned that I called my Midwives.  I was lucky and the Midwife that knows me and my history happened to be on duty.  I was having a strong continuous Pain in my lower left abdomen and a small amount of leaking.  Lucky for me the leaking appears to be Robert making my bladder his pillow and the fluid is urine.  Sounds so gross but apparently this is a normal process of the pregnancy process.  LOL  The abdomen pain finally eased off and I slept fairly well for having to wake up every 2 – 3 hours to go to the bathroom.

Sunday however started out a little achy but I was too lazy to drive to the coffee house we like to go to on Sunday Mornings.  Yes, you read that correctly I was too “lazy” to drive.  haha  I mean the coffee house is only about half a mile from the house so why drive around the block?  We walked down there, relaxed, had our breakfast and walked back home.  Bobby was moving but he wasn’t his normal active little self.  When we got home we started to do some chores and I got a hard cramping feeling in my lower left abdomen and laid down for about 30 minutes.  It eased up and was time for me to head to work.  I was ok for about an hour and then the pain was so bad it had me in tears again.  I called the Midwives again and while I waited for their call back I called one of my good friends who just had a baby.  I described to her what I was feeling and she said she had the same pain for most of the last trimester and it would get so bad she wouldn’t be able to move well.  She made me feel better that it seems normal and suggested to take 2 Tylenol.  The Midwife said the same thing and also suggested Tylenol for the pain.  It seemed like forever for the Tylenol to kick in.  Good thing I have an ultrasound this afternoon.

So last night little Bobby regained his strength and at 3am I was woke up to go pee but he was kicking and moving so much I thought he was going to pop out of my belly right then.  It took 15-20 minutes for him to calm down and sleep.  When I got up at 5am to go to the bathroom I thought I was in the clear but when I got back in to bed there he was WIDE awake kicking and stretching.  He was kicking, punching, or stretching into the same ligament that was in so much pain earlier in the day.  I laid there and tried to focus on out deep calming breathing we learned last week in Childbirth class while pushing in on my abdomen near the ligament pain to get him to move or back off.  I can’t believe how hard it was to focus on breathing in that pain and that pain is just the beginning and nothing like the pain I am sure to feel in labor.  I am so happy that I will have Sean to help me stay focused because last night I didn’t want to wake him up and OMG  the pain.  Finally I fell asleep and he didn’t wake up again until the alarm went off at 6:30am.  He has been bouncing around ever since.  I guess he made himself a little more room to move last night.  hah  I will not say anything about his slow activity days if the day to follow is willed with all kinds of activity.

He already has strong kicks and punches…  The next 10 weeks will surely be an interesting time.  It is amazing how strong the inside of  my uterus is.  I love my little boy!!  I just hope his terrible 2′s are getting out of his system now.  LOL  Or we are in big trouble.  hah


What are your thoughts?

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