First Scare

Today is our first scare.  Sure I was working a bit more than I prob should and the midwife wasn’t please I still had a work schedule of 40 hours.  But I was feeling good, just exhausted and thinking it was just the hours worked and it being Christmas chaos.  Yesterday I had a little Mucus when I went to the bathroom but didn’t give it much thought because when I got home I went to the bathroom again and nothing.  Today at work I was about 1/2 way through my shift and had 2 more instances of the Mucus.  ok, that made me scared, once would have not worried me as much but 2 times did.  I called the midwives on call # and one of the midwives called me back.  She said a little mucus is normal but to stay off my feet and relax.  The membrane should heal and to make sure there isn’t any color to the mucus, and that I feel Bobby moving between 6-10 kicks an hour because he now has a sleep cycle.  She said if we see pink mucus, I start to leak, or don’t feel the baby kicking or moving that we will need to call them back and go to the hospital.

Bobby needs to hang in there for 28 more days.  Our little guy needs to get as strong as possible.  So, no more working over 30 hours a week for me and maybe I need to consider maternity leave a little earlier that I had expected.  I think everything should be ok now that Christmas rushes should be over.  PHEW…


What are your thoughts?

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