Our Baby’s Birth Day – January 31, 2012 @ 11:29am

January 31, 2012 – We entered the labor and Delivery Unit at 8:30am Monday, January 30, 2012 (9 days overdue) in the beginning stages of Labor.  We had the goal of getting to give birth the same day.  Our little man had other ideas.  He was not completely dropped and I was only slightly dilated.  We did one treatment and walked the hospital for a while came back to the room to get my 2nd internal exam and we were finally 2 cm dilated.  YIPPY!!!  I had started more regular contractions but they were still not as close as they would like.  The decision was made that we needed to start Pitocin to get the labor progressing.  3 hours into this stage of labor I had my 3rd internal exam and it hurt so much that I honestly thought I was going to rip the headboard off the bed.  All I kept saying is “I can’t do this” over and over as tears ran down my face.  20 hours into labor I finally reach 6.5cm and Robert was dropped to a -2.  3 hours later my stats were still the same and the Midwife and OB Doctor were doing a shift switch and we talked to the Midwife and the Doctor coming on duty.  The Doctor was on board with letting us go as long as possible before having to do a C-section.  It was explained that in 3 hours we would have an outcome one way or another.  At the end of the 3 hours Robert was still not dropped any further nor was I any more dilated.  We were both healthy and neither of us were in distress so we got prepped for the C-section and off we were.  Shortly after being wheeled in to the OR and being prepped.  Sean was allowed into the room to be with me and then we heard the first cry no spank needed, Robert was not happy to be taken from his home.  And my eyes filled with tears.  Our son was here and healthy.  When the Doctor and Sean brought Robert over to me it was the best moment.  When I could really hold him in the recovery room it was love at first sight.  Nothing felt more natural to me than to have him latch to my breast and feed for the first time.  He latched instantly like he was a pro.


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