Post C-Section Complication

Well, last night was the biggest scare of my life.  ::WARNING::  Some details may be a bit graphic.

It was about 11:00pm.  The baby just fell asleep.  I was getting ready for bed.  The usual, shower brush hair & teeth go to the bathroom…  I saw a little blood.  ok not to panic the midwife did tell me that I would be spotting for a while after the baby was born.  When I stood up to pull up my panties I noticed a couple drops of blood so I sat down and wiped again nothing.  When I stood up again blood came pouring out from my c-section area.  OMG  Panicked I hollered to my fiancee (who will be DF after this) I was bleeding and it wouldn’t stop.  He called 911 I called his parents because my mom had left that morning to go back home.  I called my mom as I was walking out of the door to go downstairs (we live on the 3rd floor of an old victorian home).  My DF went to help me but I was more concerned about the baby so I said “don’t worry about me get the baby” the little guy was bundled but I thought he was cold so I took my coat off and gave it to him.  As we got downstairs I saw the ambulance drive by the house so I made my way down our marble steps in just my socks and a mid-thigh length t-shirt.  I was not feeling the cold at all.  The only thing on my mind was I didn’t want to leave the boys.  I was scared but tried not to show it to my DF.  I just prayed silently that I wasn’t going to die it was too soon to leave my baby and his daddy.

We arrived at the hospital after the roughest ride I have ever had.  Personally I don’t think that ambulance companies should charge for those rides.  While I was in there I felt like the whole thing was going to tip over every time they went around a bend in the road.  I honestly forgot about the situation and started praying that they get me to the hospital alive.  The EMT kept checking the wound and it was still bleeding.  She pinpointed the location of the blood but it was coming out so fast that she didn’t want to relieve pressure for too long.

When we got to the hospital the nurse on duty also took a look and blood was rushing out faster than they could see.  She asked if it was ok if I was to lay on an incline to keep pressure.  I agreed, I mean they know best and all I was worried about was my baby and his daddy.  They came in and stayed with me until the OB doctor on duty came in.  by that point the bleeding had slowed down enough that he could clean the wound and look at it.  He gave me peace of mind when he said I wasn’t loosing active blood supply.  However, a section of my C-section had ruptures and was draining blood that had gathered in my abdominal tissue.  He packed the wound, OMG the pain…  He told me since I was going to see the OB that did the c-section the next day I should keep my appointment and he wouldn’t admit me.  He then drew a boarder around the area that was warm and red.

Funny part was we had no time to have a diaper bag ready for the little guy.  no real formula since I am breastfeeding.  But he was a champ, and the baby ate from a bottle.  Also my DF didn’t know what to bring for me and he didn’t know what pants would fit so he brought me my maternity shirt which doubled as a dress.  It was funny to watch me leave I am sure.  Daddy saved the day.  On to the OB doctor I go…


What are your thoughts?

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