Children’s Charities We Support

We will be donating up to 5% of our net profits to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Child Find of America. Donations will be split up equally each quarter.

Why these charities?

As a cancer survivor, I want to give back by helping keep St Jude’s keep striving to help children and their families with the battle against cancer through research and treatments.  Getting the diagnosis as an adult is hard enough but when a child, who doesn’t understand gets a diagnosis it is even more heartbreaking.  Even though the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital helps children the developments in treatment and advancements towards a cure has potential to help all cancer patients.

As a new parent, when I heard the story of a little girl in the area who had gone missing it broke my heart for the parents.  This tragic event put us on alert and we had our Little One hand printed and photographed when it was offered at a local festival.  Many people have heard the horror stories of kidnapped children but there is a flip-side and there are some good stories with happy endings as well.  Those happy endings are the stories of hope.


What are your thoughts?

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