My Moringa Journey

I first heard about this from a friend who is a Herbologist.  She was interviewed for a new special and posted a link to the interview.  So I commented and asked her if it would help with lactation.  She looked into it and got back to me and said “absolutely” and suggested the capsule form since I live in an environment that is too cold to grow it myself.  Also, to see results in relation to milk supply a lactating mother should have been diagnosed with low milk supply.

So the main question I had was “is it safe while nursing” the answer she gave me was for most woman it will help them tremendously.  After doing a little research on my own I agree with her when she says this is a miracle plant.  (if you are considering this treatment check with your doctor before starting to use it)  Here are some of the benefits it has antioxidant properties (Alpha-carotene, Bata-carotene, Beta-cryptoxanthin, Chlorophill, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin), high levels of Vitamins A & C, iron calcium, and potassium.  It has also been said to help relax and calm the breastfeeding mother.  This is my final attempt at increasing my milk supply.  It has been a long road to make even 1 – 8oz milk a day to give him.

My journey begins with my first 400mg dose of Moringa tonight…  I will post additional information on the benefits to Moringa as I learn more.

What are your thoughts?

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