Moringa – End of First Week

So far everything has been going well with the Moringa. I have noticed other benefits as well as the slight increase in milk supply. However even a slight increase in milk supply for me is a HUGE deal. I have been able to pump an additional 1-2 oz a day for the last couple of days. My milk doesn’t seem to be as thick and is coming out easier. This makes me a happy Mommy.
I should also note that I was very sick this past week with a sinus infection. Today is my last day on antibiotics. I am not sure if that has slowed the reaction time of the Moringa or not. I have felt that since starting the Moringa last week I have continued to have more energy through out the day. I just got the results back from my full blood panel workup from the doctor as well. My blood was drawn before I started taking the Moringa and I was told my vitamin D was low. Of course I am wondering why it is so low because I am drinking about 3 glasses of milk, eating about 3-4 oz of yogurt and eating about an oz of cheese a day. I am sure I eat other things fortified with vitamin D as well. It will be interesting to see how my blood work comes out in 6 months when I have repeat testing done.

Stay tuned about the Moringa as I will update at least once a week from this point on just to touch base and document how things are coming along.

What are your thoughts?

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