Review: The 1st Year of Motherhood eBook

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

I got this book on the recommendation of a fellow mother in my Mom’s Group.  It is a wonderful book and helped me to feel that I was not alone in my birth plan not going as planned.  Her story is told in the form of blog posts.  Very personal and very informative about postpartum depression(PPD).  I found the steps she took to help her out of PPD to be good steps for any new mom.  A lot of pros and cons & then and nows really made me go “that is so me” or “OMG  that is too funny”.  There is a section where she makes a veggie burger “Sloppy Joe style”.  AMAZING  I did this for us and it was so good that I added the left overs to my veggie chili.  YUM!!  Sleep tips…  gosh I wish I had this book when I was first home with the little guy.  Her breastfeeding ordeal was more drastic in the beginning than mine but I too felt the same way about formula for my little guy.  I cried the first time I had to give him formula.  I like the holistic tips for ear infections as well.  picky eater advise I shared with one of my good friends about her little one’s picky habits.  With our little guys 1st birthday coming up soon and wanting to stay away from sugar there were some good ides in there.

Overall I loved this book.  I think every new mom should read it because I am sure there are parts that almost every new mom has experienced or will experience.  Thank you Michelle for giving me the inspiration to tell my personal journey.   For just $4.99 it is a downloadable PDF file filled with links, pictures, and video.  

Download it here:


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