A Breastmilk Pumping Story (kinda funny)

A funny story for “pumpers” feeling tied down.

Yesterday afternoon I got the little guy to nap I hooked up my Medela Pump in Style(the backpack style), put the battery pack in(so I was wireless) and walked around the apartment cleaning, went up and down the stairs doing laundry.  We live on the 3rd floor and the washers and driers are in the basement.  Not thinking anything of it because most of the people who live in out building are at work or class that time of the day and the place is vacant other than the little guy and me.  When as I was coming up the stairs from taking a load down I saw one of the house mates leaving their apartment.  I talked to them like normal but they was giving me an odd look.  I had a baggie shirt on over top of my hands free pumping so I wouldn’t get chilled when I went in the basement.  I went up stairs and sat down to read a little.  It is then that I realized I still had my pump on and running.

I was at that moment a little embarrassed to have been seen looking like a “Milk Buster” (that is what I call it when I am hooked up pumping and do house chores).  Will I do this again?  Of course I will.  It was too funny how I didn’t even realize until after the fact.  It is one thing to be seen in my home, “daddy” sees it all the time but a neighbor…  uggg…  That’s different.


What are your thoughts?

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