Finding Nemo – Blizzard 2013

Well, here we are in the beginning stages of the Blizzard of 2013 known as “NEMO”.  We didn’t need to find Nemo, he found us.

So the little guy is sleeping but has woken a couple of times due to the shaking of the house or the change in barometric pressure, I am not quite sure.  Poor little guy.  But he loved looking out the window and seeing the snow falling.  When I went down stairs to change out the laundry at about 7:30pm there appeared to be about a foot of snow out there.  The drift was over our stairs leading to the porch and you couldn’t even tell where the steps were.  The plows have been virtually non-stop trying to keep up with the snowfall.  The wind has been shaking the house so much I feel like I am back in Fl during hurricane season.

As of right now we still have power, heat and water.  We are getting ready for bed.  Hope we have electricity when we wake up.  The worst of the blizzard is supposed to hit at about 5am and last until noon.  As long as there is power I will update when we wake up.


What are your thoughts?

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