Meatless Sausage Gravy Recipe

Since we have started a mostly vegan diet (some things are don’t ask don’t tell) I have learned to cook without cream, milk or butter.  This morning I learned that a 50/50 split of cashew & almond cream tastes like heavy cream.  I know you may be thinking “cashew cream” and “almond cream” what is that.  Well it is fairly easy to make and you can control the thickness by adding water.

“Nut” Cream

1 cup “Raw” nuts

2 cups water

I typically will use 1 cup of nuts in a 2 cup bowl and fill it with water.  You can soak them for 2 hours or overnight.  I have done it both ways and found the nuts are softer the longer they soak.  When you are ready to use them drain the water and replace it with fresh water.  Adjust the amount of water for the amount of cream you would like.  Place in a blender and blend until creamy.

There are 2 options for making your cream.  If you like the nut fibers use as is.  If you want a smoother cream then you can strain out the nut fibers in a cheesecloth over a bowl or in a wire mesh strainer.  I prefer to use the strainer because it is faster and I can press the liquid out of the nuts.  If you need more cream after you strain the nut pulp then put the pulp back into the blender 1 cup more water and blend again and repeat straining.  I then saved the pulp for some Vegan Muffins.

Meatless Sausage Gravy

1 box Boca Breakfast Links (cut in slices or thrown in the blender)

2 cups Nut Cream

Salt & Pepper to taste

2 Tbsp Flour (for thicker sauce add more flour)

Dash of Italian Seasoning

Dash of Garlic

Dash of Onion Powder

Cook Boca links as instructed on the package and let cool while you start the cream sauce.  Put nut cream and seasonings into a 2 qt pan and simmer while you cut or blend the breakfast links.  Whisk in flour and add the sausage.  Cook for about 5 minutes or until the gravy is to the desired thickness.

What are your thoughts?

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