Botched Circumcisions or New Policies?

Ok so this might be too much but I wanted to post about circumcision.

I was asked yesterday by two Moms about the foreskin left behind when we had our son circumcised.  One of the moms said that when their son was circumcised there was a lot of foreskin left behind.  While talking to some of my friends I have found out that this practice is more and more common and not all the woman gave birth at the same hospital or even in the same state.  When I first heard this a few months ago I thought it was a single case and the poor baby boy had a botched circumcision.  So I really took a look yesterday and the tip and I can see the whole thing.  What I thought was a tiny bit of foreskin actually looks more like a small bit of scar tissue.

I think it is horrible to hear that now the hospitals are leaving more on because it is seen as a cosmetic surgery.  But if that is what a parent chooses then the hospitals shouldn’t be doing them half way.  I mean you don’t see women getting half a tummy tuck or half a face lift.  I am sorry for all the families who have to have this procedure done twice because the doctors in the hospital didn’t do it right the first time.


What are your thoughts?

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