Double Middle Ear Infection – OH MY!!! – No Classic Symptoms

Yes, you read the title correctly.  No Classic Symptoms of an ear infection for our little guy.  Took him to the ER at 4am poor little guy was trying to cry but was hyperventilating.  His lips appeared less pink and more blueish in color but of course maybe it was “mommy panic”.  He had been teething hardcore.  he was getting 4 molars and 2 more lower teeth.  This had been going on for a few days so when he first woke up crying I went in there and soothed him to back sleep.  At 3am I heard the most heartbreaking and gut wrenching scream from my little guy.  I jumped out of bed so fast and tried soothing him.  He felt a little warm so I took his temp and it was 99.?(something).  I took him out of his heavy sleeper and put a thinner one on.  I gave him a dose of infant Advil and he calmed down a little.  I went to put him into his crib and he laid down.  I got as far as putting one leg on the bed to get in and I hear the not really cry, more like a spaced squeal.  I thought he was getting comfortable but then the tone changed as I got the covers pulled up I was pulling the covers back off and running in there.  He was sitting there cry, wheeze, cry, wheeze and I turned on his light to get him up and rub his back but after 5 minutes of rocking and soothing he hadn’t called down.  I grabbed his diaper bag, put his coat on and off we were to the ER.

The staff at the Beverly Hospital was WONDERFUL.  I was sleep deprived and had now been up for over 30 hours.  When we got there he had calmed down in the car and his color was good.  They took his temp and it was 101.7, WOW.  Even after the infant Advil his Temp went up about 2 degrees.  They hooked him up to the monitors, gave him the humidified oxygen tube and checked him out.  He was still a little tense so once they got his base rates he got a Popsicle and we walked the halls of the ER.  In about 15 minutes he was calmed, laughing and almost his normal self.  The Dr felt him in the hall then we went back to the room for a better exam.  We were told he had a double ear infection.  WHAT??  He had no signs of an ear infection.  I asked if it was caused by swimming, no it wasn’t.  The Dr did say she thought it was viral and to not give him the antibiotics until after we saw our primary doctor.  She said to call and make an appointment with our dr in 2 days.  He got the all clear and we were discharged to go home.  YIPPY sleep was calling my name.

When we got home he went to sleep and so did I.  This was the start of our VERY long duration of broken sleep and him not wanting his mommy too far away.  Needless to say there were many nights sleeping on the floor.  8:00 am came along very fast and I called the our doctors office to make our appointment.  The lady at the desk (who knows us really well now) asked if I could be there that morning and said she didn’t think we should wait to come in (good call on her part, we got a huge snow storm the next day).  So we went in and our Dr said not to wait on the antibiotic and to give the little guy infant’s tylenol and infant’s advil alternating every 3 hours with a dose of children’s benadryl at bedtime to help with the fluid build up.  I had a baby who was cutting 6 teeth (4 molars and 2 more lower teeth) with a double ear infection, uggg.  The next week felt like it took forever to get him feeling better.    We are now 2 weeks later and he is still teething but feeling better.


What are your thoughts?

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