Sleep Regression Follow-up – Telepathy???

Last night he woke 3 times but once was just a whimper and he fell back asleep immediately.  The next was a hardcore cry and after 10 minutes he was back asleep.  That cry came just as I laid down.  This time I really wanted to sleep so I was meditating on the “go to sleep little one” and figured after 15 minutes I would break down and go in there.  I was all set to go in but kept sending the mental vibes his way.

So this raises a new question for me.  Are we telepathically connected to our little ones?  If so, we should exorcise that skill more often.  Of maybe that is why Moms can give their children “The Look” and they know they have to stop what ever they are doing.  During my meditation last night I reassured him he was ok, mentally sang him lullabies and he slowly calmed down and went back to sleep.  Maybe it was just a coincidence but I will try that again and maybe, just maybe there is something to the idea of mother-child telepathy.


What are your thoughts?

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