Question of the Day: Do you want more children & why?

Well, this is a loaded question for most first time Moms and moms of many, I am sure.  We say “One & Done” and are content with that answer.  Our little guy is our miracle baby.  I wasn’t supposed to be able to carry a baby full term but our little miracle made it here and he is perfect.  I will be honest, sometimes I think about having a #2 baby to experience some of the things I didn’t get to experience with our little guy since I found out I was pregnant when I was 24 weeks along.  Yes, you read this correctly I was 24 weeks and no symptoms.  WHAT???  But then I think at what a blessing our little guy is and I am perfectly happy with having only one child.  One child is perfect for us and he has a cousin who is 6 weeks older so I hope they grow up to be close.  And he is our perfect baby with a nice blend of my genes and his dad’s genes.  The other reason I want only the one child we have is because of the post C-section complication I had.  The OBGYN and midwife said they can’t be sure that it wont happen again and my chances of a VBAC(Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) are slim.


What are your thoughts?

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