Question of the Day: What is your favorite baby health product?

Today has been a day filled with raspy coughs and a snotty nose.  This is a perfect question for today as I am feeling so bad for the little guy.  What is your favorite baby product for when your little one is feeling sick?

My Answer:

I love my nosefrida.  This thing is gross when you first look at it.  I thought “ewe, I have to literally suck my little guys buggers out.”  but it isn’t that bad, I have yet to fill the holding tube with snot.  But, I am sad today because mine broke and I didn’t see one at Walgreens today.  ugggg  Back to the bulb sucker that the hospital gave us when he was born.  I love that thing, it is the best back up to the Nosefrida.  Next is the cool mist humidifier we have.  It was just a cheap one from target but that keeps the air in his room nice and moist.


What are your thoughts?

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