Question of the Day: What is Your Guilty Pleasure?

What is your guilty pleasure (please, no x-rated stuff)?

My Answer:

I would say a nice glass of wine and a good book.  It is rare that I get time to just sit, read and sip a little wine.  Heck it is rare that I even get time to just sit and read.  I usually read once my significant other and baby are in bed but I am usually the first one to crash once the little man is in bed.  I did a New Mama Recharge in January which was a big eye opener.  I didn’t take any time for me since the baby was born a year ago.  WOW how could I miss the “me” time?  Now I try to find at least one night a week that is just for me for a few hours.  Granted I have already had dinner and put the little guy to bed but I can really relax.


What are your thoughts?

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