Diaper Removal Master

Ahh yes, I knew this day would come but I was hoping it wouldn’t come until he started potty training.  Of course it had to be a diaper filled with poop.  I get his PJs off and faster than I can blink he has one side unfastened.  utoh!!  I quickly grab some wipes and… you guessed it he yanked it right off.  OH BOY OH BOY…  I don’t think my brain could even process it.  All I know is I am so glad his poops are more solid now because it didn’t make that big of a mess.  PHEW…   I got him all cleaned up, new diaper on.  I bend down to grab his clothes and I hear “rip…rip” off comes the diaper again.  I sigh and quickly get that diaper back on with some clothes to secure it in place.

I had some wishful thinking there too.  When we got to swim I set him down in his diaper and was reaching next to us and I hear “RIP…RIP” and off came the soaking wet diaper.  This time the diaper went flying.  I really am hoping it is a phase.  I am sure the look on my face at the athletic club was a cross between shocked and embarrassed.  Do they make baby friendly duct tape for diapers?  This boy is going to need it.


What are your thoughts?

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