New Parent Hazing

I was thinking back and remembering all the little things that happened over the last year and I have come to the conclusion that new parents are a lot like college freshman or a pledge(are they even called that anymore?).  I know you are wondering how I can even compare the two.

It is simple.

Freshmen and those pledging to frats or sororities, get hazed shortly after entering college.  They go through a series of test, pranks and sometimes gross actions by others.  They drink till they puke everywhere.  They sleep a lot during the day.  They are up all night playing and eating.  Whine and cry when they don’t get their way.  Call out for Mom & Dad when they are home sick.

Life with a new baby isn’t much different.  Some drink till they spit up.  They sleep a lot during the day.  They are up at night hungry and wanting to play.  They whine and cry if they need something, are frustrated or don’t get their way.  They call out to Mama & Dada when they are scared or lonely.  They leave toys every where for sleep deprived parents to trip over.

And after the Hazing period is over life is delightful and you reach the point you are content.  and the cycle repeats.

What are your thoughts?

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