The Scream of a 1 Year Old – How do you deal with it?

Oh boy oh boy!!  I really hope this is just a phase.  Our little guy has now begun to scream.  He will scream when he is happy, sad, mad, excited, frustrated and sometimes for no reason at all.  I have no clue sometimes why he is screaming and those times I really wish he could put words to his thoughts.  When he is frustrated it is usually because he can’t complete a task that he is trying to do or walk around the table how he wants.  And sometimes he screams because I am cooking and not paying 100% attention to him.

:: Big sigh :: 

What is the best way to deal with this behavior?  So far I assess the situation and if he is frustrated I explain what I think is bothering him.  When he is mad or sad I tell him I understand his feelings and everything is ok.  If he is happy or excited I try to “shhh” him and tell him to use an inside voice. (not too early for him to learn, right?)

Is there a better way to handle it?  How long will this phase last….  I would love some advise and/or great wisdom.

One thought on “The Scream of a 1 Year Old – How do you deal with it?

  1. As babies, my kids didn’t really “scream.” They cried, and cried…and cried…lol…but not so much with “screaming.” I thought their crying was cute, and it never really bothered me too much. However, I was always thankful that they were crying because crying meant they were breathing. As a parent of three kids aged 5, 9 and 12…the loud moments are actually the good ones, because when they’re loud that means they’re playing and just doing what kids do.

    When they’re quiet…that’s when they’re either up to no good or someone got hurt. Which I guess is why I get unnerved when any room I’m in becomes “too quiet.”

    For the specific situation of a colic-y infant, what I’d suggest is simple. Make sure he’s got a clean diaper, try to feed him and cuddle him for a few minutes. If you’ve done all of that and the baby is still crying, there’s likely not much you’ll be able to do to stop the crying yourself. Best to just let it run it’s course. If the noise begins to give you a headache or if you start to feel frustrated from the continuous screaming, then simply put the baby in his crib and take a moment or two for yourself.

    The baby will be fine crying on his own. If he’s clean, fed and loved, then you’ve done everything you can do and should just let him cry it out. It’s tough because that seems to run opposite of your parental instinct, but that’s the best way to handle it. Good luck!!! 🙂

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