“The Secret” – Self Refresher (A review of sorts)

I just watched an inspirational video (for the umpteenth time) called The Secret.  I loved the book and when ever I feel like I am getting into a rut I like to watch the video.  As a mom of a 1-year-old, a video is so much easier to listen to and multitask.  It is a nice way to get myself focused and back into the right groove.  I have always had the philosophy that what ever you put out into the world is what will come back to you.

There are many things that years ago I had put out into the universe like having a the perfect child.  A few years after having put it out there I found out I had stage 3 cervical cancer.  I had surgery to remove most of my cervix within 2 weeks of finding out the results.  My GYN told me he left as much cervix as he could and that the likelihood I would carry a baby to term would be slim.  It took a few years for me to wrap my head around not having a child.  When I finally was ok with never having children and I found myself in a happy place.  Just over 8 years after that surgery I was pregnant.  Amazing how the universe works on its own timetable.  Another thing I put out there was having a company and here I am starting a business.

I look forward to everything on our Dream Board.

What are your thoughts?

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