Skeletor Bully

Last night Robert was playing with his daddy.  They were playing chase (crawling) and he was tickling Robert.  Sean grabbed Roberts stuffed Skeletor Doll and added it into the chase.  Robert was saying “Mum mum mum” then running the other direction and then Sean says “will mommy save you from Skeletor?”  Robert runs over to me and Sean catches up so I tickle Robert and he crawls away squealing and laughing.  He crawled over to where he had one of his spoons, grabbed it and attacked Skeletor.  What do we do but laugh.  So Sean has Skeletor sneak tickle again and Robert grabs him and bops him in the head with the spoon tosses him over his shoulder then grabs him up and hits him in the head.  Again all we could do was laugh and then Sean says “we probably shouldn’t laugh.”  I replied “You are probably right, we don’t want to create a bully baby.”  Then we laughed at each other and Robert looked at both of us blankly, smiled and laughed too.


What are your thoughts?

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