Should the Accused Marathon Bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Be Buried on US Soil?



Should Tamerlan Tsarnaev be buried.  This is one of the most heated debated I have seen.  I can see this from different points of view and I will share my observations, even though they conflict each other.  My personal opinion is posted at the bottom.

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The Extreme View Point:

Who cares where he is buried or if he is buried at all, HE IS DEAD!!  He can’t hurt anymore people.  The people we should worry about are his brother, his widow, his parents, their friends that helped them and anyone else out there who could be planning something horrific.  A grave site in a cemetery could become a negative spot or a place that invited vandals or other destructive behaviors.

The Not Widely Accepted View Point:

Fundamentally, money is money.  In most religionsChristianity mainly, forgiveness is a major key.  Turn the other cheek.  Why not have the body cremated and then given to the family.  then they can do what they want with it.  They could dig a hole and bury the ashes, dump the ashes out somewhere or send the ashes back to his native country.   I have heard people saying that their “dead & buried” loved ones wont rest in peace with his body buried in the same cemetery.  Are they flipping’ serious?  How much damage can a dead guy do?  Do they think the dead walk and have parties?  I mean seriously, get over it, it is a dead body.

My Viewpoint:

The man is dead.  Was he evil, YES.  Was he a terrorist, YES.  Was he killed in a shootout while carrying massive amounts of artillery weapons, YES.  I should state that I am not a super religious person.  I believe that all religions are based from one ancient religion.  I also believe that God, no matter what name a person calls the supreme being, is a forgiving one.  Are there radical believers in every religion, YES.  Christians don’t like to associate themselves with the Westboro Baptist Church members but they are the radical version of Christianity who should be on the list of terror groups much like any other radical group that are on the terror watch list.

But I getting off point.  Should Tamerlan Tsarnaev be buried on US soil.  Personally I DO NOT think he or any terrorist should be buried on public US soil.  He can he cremated and the family can take him and do with the ashes as they see fit.  If they want to dig a hole in their back yard for him, fine that is their private property.  With that said, I hope the family opts for cremation, takes his ashes and leaves the country with them.  Not only for the peace of mind of the victims  their families, community members and all Americans but for the safety of the innocent family members of the accused.

What are your thoughts?

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