Question of the Day: Baby Bully Neighbor – How do you address the issue without “tattling” to the landlord?

For those of you who are new to the blog please check out my post “Question of the Day:  When does an unruly neighbor cross the line to Baby Bullying?”  Reading that post first you will get an idea of the level of insanity we are dealing with.


So, the evening started fine.  Got Robert fed and put to bed before I headed out to my Mary Kay training.  I heard the little guy cry as I left the house and Sean went in to his room and got him.  When I got home I asked his daddy how the night went and this is what he told me happened.

Robert was playing with his blocks and walking around his toy chest fighting sleep.  The guy down stairs started pounding.  When daddy saw that the little guy was sleepy and ready to pass out he put him in his crib and he fell asleep almost instantly.  Then the guy started to pound again and so loud that it woke up the baby.  WTF…  So Sean had to calm the overtired baby again.  I don’t go out much so daddy is new to the overtired baby crying and he was awesome.  Robert was sound a sleep when I got home and the pounding was faint more like a banging by the time I started blogging this.

All I know is I am VERY protective of my baby and he better be glad I wasn’t home for his bullying of my baby because I would have marched downstairs with a crying baby and me in tears and laid the guilt trip on THICK.  Heaven help him if the guilt trip ever stops working.  I don’t know what I would do if I felt threatened.  All I know is my Irish Italian temper would not be pretty when mixed with protective mama bear instincts.

Sean ignored the pounding and resisted the urge to go down and be protective papa bear.  (I am so proud of his self-control)  I wanted to go bang on his door the moment Sean told me what happened tonight while I was out.  But instead I am venting my anger here because I really don’t know what to do.  it was one thing for him to pound when the baby was playing and barreling across the floor (still unacceptable) but when the baby is asleep and he pounds waking him up should be a crime.  I should mention the baby finally went to sleep at 8pm.

How would you handle this?  Because that guys actions tonight make me very concerned about Sean and I leaving at the same time and having a baby sitter here.  If we have a baby sitter here what should I tell them to do?  Should I tell them it is ok to call the cops?  What do you do about someone who bullies a 15 month old baby?

What are your thoughts?

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