Breastfeeding Feelings – self weaning… baby weaning… Emotional times…

It has been a long breastfeeding journey.  I have gone through herbal treatment after herbal treatment.  I have a nice regimen of herbal teas and supplements.  I had gotten so I was able to pump about 8oz of milk a day (pumping 3-5 times a day) but the last few days I have only gotten about 5 oz a day in 3 pumping sessions.  I don’t know if it is hormones adjusting but it makes me sad to know that my herbal regimen might be starting to fail and my body is building a tolerance to them.

I am sad to think that my milk producing days are coming to an end.  Robert has been much more independent the last few days and not asking to nurse.  I know 16 months is a good run to breastfeed but my heart breaks thinking that this is the first time, and not the last, that I feel my little guy doesn’t need me as much.  I know he needs me in new ways but it is still an adjustment.

Then I wonder is this going to be the feeling I have for all major milestones?  I miss the days of cuddling him and watching his little face go from hungry to content to full and blissfully in a milk coma.  It is the most peaceful look I have ever seen.  Now I have to sneak into his room while he sleeps to catch a glimpse of that peaceful look.

My little boy and my body are in sync no matter how much I try to pump…  ::BIG SIGH::

3 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Feelings – self weaning… baby weaning… Emotional times…

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  2. Dawn .. my thoughts are with you. I tear up, just reading that, because I remember just how emotional a time it is to let your baby grow away from breatfeeding. I believe that yes, yes, this is what you will be feeling at every milestone (this morning, I sent my rather shy older one on a 1 week camp-trip and .. yeah, that same feeling again) — but don’t you forget, that they will still always need you, no matter how much they grow. New and exciting things always wait around every milestone’s corner, and no matter how hard it is for you, and no matter how much your heart might break at every single one, you will still be filled with an immeasurable amount of pride to see them growing, ever growing. Take comfort from that pride, and permit the sadness that comes with having to let go.

    • Thanks Silke, It is good to know that it is a normal step that will re-occur. Today, for the first time, he ate off a plate on his highchair without the plate becoming a Frisbee.

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