Ripped from the Headlines: Gloucester, MA Child Sex Offender Couple gets Sentence Reduced

This news is  OUTRAGEOUS!!  The reason for the reduction in sentences has not yet released to the public.  I did some digging since I hadn’t heard of this case and the details are grim to say the least.  Here is a summary of everything I could find.

But first, MY OPINION:

I am appalled and curious about how a mother could do this to their own daughter.  Before I was a Mom I would have thought “wow that woman is nuts” and now that I am a Mom I think “OMG  is that woman a nutcase?  How could she do that to her own flesh and blood?”  It is a shame that the sentence for a crime like this is only 30 years.  I believe it should be sterilization and life in prison.  Or to make it cheaper on the tax payers, DEATH.  In all honesty I don’t see why there aren’t more people for the death penalty.  Housing, feeding, educating, and caring for criminals is so costly.  Why should we the tax payers pay for these criminals?  I say give them a chance to appeal to all courts and if they don’t win offer them death or Gitmo; don’t offer them a lesser sentence.  Anyway… stepping off my soapbox because I know my pro death penalty views are more monetary based than human rights based(but is someone does an outrageous crime should they really be treated like a human?)…

Info found:

I found the case files from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA vs. KENDRA D’ANDREA and WILLIE JORDAN.  OH BOY, OH BOY!!!  When I was reading the news paper articles I didn’t realize that the sexual abuse was first reported to the Department of Social Services(DSS) on December 2, 2004 by an anonymous caller.  The caller stated that there were pictures posted on a Sprint PCS website of Kendra D’Andrea performing oral sex on her daughter.  The caller provided the DSS with the address, account phone number, and log in information.  At this point the case was turned over to DSS agent, Jerome Curley.  Once he confirmed all the information provided was correct he notified the Gloucester Police Department and presented them with the printed evidence he had gathered.

Gloucester Police issued the case to detective, Joseph Fitzgerald who took charge of the evidence and acquired a warrant for a search of Ms. D’Andrea’s apartment.  When he arrived at the scene he found 2 children (3 and 8) and the cell phone that was being used.  he places D’Andrea under arrest, read her Miranda Rights and she began to sing like a canary.   She told them how she posed and took pictures her daughter in a sexual way for her boyfriend who was traveling for work.  At this point Mr. Jordan was arrested in Michigan and returned to Gloucester, Ma for booking and questioning.  The attorney for the two accused attempted to get all evidence seized from the apartment thrown out based on the original DSS agent accessing the account saying that he violated their 4th amendment rights.  The court denied their request.

** interesting fact**

Sprint PCS removed all the pictures from their website at the request of Mr. Jordan before the police could issue a preservation letter.  no copy exists other than the one obtained by the DSS investigator.

Finally in 2008, both D’Andrea and Jordan plead guilty to the federal child exploitation charges including the production of child pornography and conspiracy to produce child pornography.  Jordan received the max sentence of 30 years and D’Andrea received 27 years of federal imprisonment.

Here is where it is puzzling.  Why the heck are their sentences for such atrocious crimes being reduced?  As of May 17, 2013, Jordan’s sentence has been reduced by only 2 years while D’Andrea’s sentence has been reduced to the lowest federal limit of 15 years, that is a 12 year reduction.  REALLY???  WTF???  Whatever loophole they found to get that sick woman a reduction in sentence needs to be closed.  They were issued retrial because they were denied the evidence hearing.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  The molested and raped an 8-year-old girl and  U.S. District Judge Richard G. Stearns, saw it fit to REDUCE the sentence….

Page Kelley, the court appointed attorney, has not returned calls about the case to the reporters at the Gloucester Times.  I can only hope she feels some level of utter DISGUST at the court appointment that she let a child rapist slip through the cracks and get a reduced sentence.  I know it isn’t really her fault she was assigned the case.  But the judge showing favoritism to a rapist who fessed up to their crimes so fast is RIDICULOUS!!!  She was caught red-handed there was no other choice for D’Andrea but to plead guilty.

THIS CASE IS OUTRAGEOUS!! After reading the case files I am sick to my stomach and I hope when she is released she finds a home VERY far from Gloucester.

I step off my soapbox…  This was a very exhausting post to write.


Scared Monkey, Gloucester Times, Taking the Fifth,

What are your thoughts?

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