24 Hour Flu Fest – Our 3 Day Journey

TMI WARNING – I may share too much information sometimes getting a bit graphic (but with humor of course) and gross (its puke, of course it is gross).  Read on, laugh or have sympathy but know We survived (obviously).

DAY 1: “Robert Started It”

At about 12 am Memorial day I heard Robert stirring.  I laid my head back down because he will normally go right back to sleep.  About 15 minutes later I heard the saddest cry ever so I went in and he was standing there with his hands up.  I made our bed on the floor with a big blanket and some pillows.  As soon as I put him on the floor and laid down he was curled up next to me.  When he was almost asleep I put him back in his crib and I laid back down next to him.  He was whiney in his own little 16 month old way but not crying more like complaining.  Then I hear a gagging sound.  My first instinct is to check him, he looked ok and then check all his animals that sleep with him, all were intact.  A sigh of relief, he was not choking.  As my mind wrapped around this thought the first explosion occurred.  I quickly scooped him up and with that came the vomit shower for mommy.  This was my first ever “real” baby puke.  It took everything for me not to get sick at the same time I was covered in puke but managed to somehow keep it off of him.  What amazed me most was how full of energy he was after he threw up.  I let him play for a bit and when he signed “eat” I got him some applesauce thinking that would be ok for his tummy.  OH BOY!! I was not expecting the applesauce shower I got.  Little did I know this was the beginning of hours of puke, rest, play and repeat.  It was a rough night.  He fell asleep around 4:30am and slept until about 7am.  He woke up and vomited a little more almost on instinct.  A few hours later I was able to get him to take his morning nap so I ran to the store got some saltines crackers and Pedialyte.  The store didn’t have any clear non-flavored Pedialyte.  My choices were grape or strawberry.  I went with the strawberry flavor since I knew Robert loves strawberries and hoped it wasn’t gross.  He drank it down no problem and it worked great.  Sean and I spent the day running up and down 3 flights of stairs doing multiple loads of laundry as Robert made a mess puking up what ever he was given.  As the day was coming to an end he was good as new by bedtime.

DAY 2: “What did Mommy do to deserve this?”

It was my turn to feel the wrath of vomit and diarrhea.  I woke up feeling a little warm but fine.  I got Robert and Sean breakfast and coffee, our normal morning routine.  Sean left for work, Robert went down for his morning nap so I decided to nap too.   I was down for about 10 minutes when I didn’t feel good so I went to the bathroom and out it came.  I felt a little better but as soon as I sat on the bed I had to run to the bathroom again.  My day was going down hill fast.  I called Sean and told him to throw out the lunch I made him because I was throwing up.  He asked if I wanted him to come home and I said “no, I should be fine” because at that point I thought I would be fine.  Every 5 minutes it was back and forth to and from the bathroom.  Robert woke up from his nap, I went and got him and that is when I realized how bad this was going to get.  I couldn’t even finish a diaper change.  (puke and dirty diapers don’t mix well)  I got him out to the living room and couldn’t get in the bath room fast enough.  Robert came behind me, leaned his head on my back and patted gently.  OMG  He was trying to make me feel better how I try with him.  My heart melted and I puked some more.  After about 2 more hours of the puke and diarrhea fest I was having I was weak.  I tried flat ginger ale to calm my tummy and one small sip made me hurl even harder.  I was sitting on the floor watching Robert play with his toys and then he walked unassisted across the room to give me a hug.  I thought I was hallucinating but he did it again and again 5 to 10 steps at a time.  As I continued to feel worse and it got closer to Robert’s lunch time I realized I didn’t have the strength to make him lunch or even change his diaper.  I broke down, called Sean at work and asked him to come home.  On top of being so sick I felt like a failure as a Mommy because I had to ask Sean to come home.  He stopped and got me some Pepto Bismol on his way home.  I was feeling like I was dying.  All that was coming up at this point was stomach acid and lining.  And there couldn’t possibly be anything left in my intestines but it kept coming.  I tried the Pepto Bismol and laid down.  NOPE Didn’t work…  I was no sooner laying down than popping up and running for the bath room.  One positive, the Pepto Bismol sure did make the puke taste better coming up.  I was on repeat a seemingly endless loop.  By 4:30pm I decided to try an ounce of the little guys pedialyte thinking maybe that would help but no such luck.  Sean got Robert ready for bed but he didn’t want to sleep.  he kept crying even when Sean went in and made the floor bed and laid down.  I got up, went in and laid down on the floor with them.  Robert calmed down and laid next to me.  As soon as I could scoop him up and put him in his crib I did.  He was out like a light.  We went back to the living room and I was feeling very thirsty so I tried a little more ginger ale.  It stayed down and I added a cracker.  No more vomit.  I was up and down most of the night with diarrhea but by morning I was still a little weak but I felt like I just had the best body detox ever.  I felt “clean” on the inside.

DAY 3: “Daddy Cheated…”

We got up and Sean asks “did your lips feel funny before you got sick?”  I replied “nope just really warm then it came.”  We started our morning routine and as I went to make Sean his coffee I thought maybe I should see if he wants ginger tea.  I could hear the shower going and as I went to knock on the door I hear it…  The sound of sickness taking over his body and that answered my question.  Poor guy.  Robert laughed every time Sean was puking.  Where was my sweet boy who put his head on my back and patted me?  I have to admit it was kind of funny to see him giggling and made me wonder if every time I puked with the door closed if he did the same thing to me.  I put Robert down for his nap and got Sean as comfortable as possible.  As soon as Robert woke up we were out of there to give Sean some healing time.  He called me at about 1pm to ask if I can bring more Edy’s Outshine Fruit Bars.  I asked him how he felt and he said “sicky but ok.  I cheated”.  Cheated??  “How do you cheat at vomiting” I asked.  He said “I stuck my finger down my throat.”  When we got home he was just relaxing and I asked how he was doing and how his tummy was.  He told me he was feeling a little better and was able to eat some of the fruit bars while we were gone.


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