Tim Tebow to the Pats???

As a former GATOR and Gator Fan I am excited to hear the news that Tebow will (not official until later today) be coming to the New England Patriots.  I was more than a little disappointed to hear how he was sulking like a preschooler who didn’t get their way when he was over looked for the starting Quarterback position with the Jets.  I never did understand why he didn’t choose the Pats in the first place.  Oh sure, I get he wanted to be a start QB but that only happens when you can play ball with the big boys like a big boy.

I am excited to see what will unfold as a new era of Pats football begins.  I am going to be the gator fan who puts a Tebow Pats Jersey on Robert’s wish list for his birthday that’s for sure.  I will give a final update to the post when I return this afternoon with the final verdict of Tebow’s move to the Patriots.

Bring on the Tebow Mania to NE.  Now I won’t feel so bad that we named Robert’s lamb Tebow knowing he will be on the Patriots and not on the Jets.


2 thoughts on “Tim Tebow to the Pats???

    • It is official, he is a 3rd string QB. Not what he had intended I am sure, but it is a start. He could have been 2nd string if he didn’t get all high and mighty last year. I hope someone let the air out of his ego. He sure wasn’t like that in college. 🙂 As long as he makes it through summer training camp he will be a Patriot.

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