Crib Climbing Should be a Sport.

yes, the day has come that he has decided to try to climb out of his crib.  OH BOY we are doomed.  I don’t want him in a toddler bed now.  I was hoping we would make it until at least 2 before we had to worry about that.  16.5 months seems so young for a toddler bed.  But a big boy bed is better than him trying to climb out of his crib and falling.  YIKES, the thought of that scares me.

His Day started at 5 am.  Time for 1st nap:: I put him in his crib.  He acts like he is going to sleep then a few minutes later I hear the frustrated cry.  I ignore it for a couple of minutes and then I go into his room and he looks at me with one leg up on the side of the crib and says “down”.  I help him get his leg down I and lay him back down.  Leave and moments later I hear “arrrrrg, down” followed by the frustrated squeal of a cry.  I go in to help him again and as I started to repeat the process of putting his leg down he says “stop, up”  At this point he is wide awake and I am exhausted.

A Long Day Ahead!!!  When is the right age to start using a toddler bed?

2 thoughts on “Crib Climbing Should be a Sport.

    • Thanks, Lucky his crib turns into a toddler bed (just take off the front face of it) and then to a full size bed. I am picking up bed rails today from a mommy in one of my groups. I was thinking about just skipping it but right now his room is so small I think converting the crib will be easier right now. I do love that bed you have listed, that is super cute. ❤

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