Are Tebow’s Prayers to God Saving Hernandez Once Again?

It appears that God has answered Tim Tebow‘s prayers and he will have a spot on the Patriots after all.  Thanks to his former Gator teammate and current, for now, Patriots teammate, Aaron Hernandez.  Hernandez allegedly has a warrant for his arrest issued for murder and could be taken into custody as I am blogging this, who knows.  This isn’t his first shooting he has been involved in it is the 3rd that I know of.

Pre-Pro Football – (heck when you are a Gator you might as well say you are a semi pro.  LOL)

I was living and going to school in Gainesville, FL when the 2007 incident occurred.  I remember there being a shooting that involved the gators and the jaguars and thought Hernandez’s name was one of the former Gators to be on the suspect list.  It took a lot of digging before I finally found some of the original news reports. (now a day later it seems to have cracked wide open with those reports everywhere)  Hernandez, 2 other former Gators, and former Jacksonville Jaguar player, Reggie Nelson, were questioned about a shooting.  The shooting took place after the gators lost a game to one of the rival teams.  It was never released if there was underage drinking involved, my guess is maybe not.  It was about 2:30 in the morning when shots were fired.  Initial reports place Hernandez and 2 other former Gator players at the scene of the crime.  None of them were charged with any wrong doing or crimes.  I remember being so appalled that the police let these guys off and thought how nice it must be to play football for such a powerful school and to have wealthy friends to pay your way out of trouble.  But the 2 injured men didn’t get justice.  Or, maybe it wasn’t money that saved him and his fellow gators that day, maybe it was the power of prayer and an act of God.

Enter Pro Football Years

The media began focusing on a case from this past February where he was in an argument, pulled a loaded gun on someone while they were in a car and it accidentally went off.  Mainly because shortly after the murder was reported the details of this case emerged and   The police in that investigation don’t know if the shot was an accident or intentional but I will take a good guess that it was no accident.  But, you know, maybe it was the gun’s fault for being in Hernandez’s hand.  There is a lot of controversy around this claim to begin with in my opinion.  The police closed the investigation months ago because the victim wasn’t being helpful to their investigation and Hernandez wasn’t mentioned in the official police report.  Yes, that could have been an officer over sight or even a case of “here is a few grand if you keep my name out of this report” even though there were witnesses that place the 2 men together at the time of the incident.

Current Murder Case (from my point of view)

Lets start with the evidence that has been leaked/given to the press:

  1. Victim was dating the sister of Hernandez’s “baby mama”
  2. Victim was found shot within 1 mile of Hernandez’s home
  3. The car the victim was found near was rented by Hernandez
  4. Hernandez allegedly destroyed his own security system and cell phone
  5. Hernandez and the victim had been seen in an argument earlier
  6. Hernandez hired a cleaning crew for his house the day the body was recovered
  7. Hernandez is showing no signs of sorrow over the death of him “friend”

That is just what I can come up with off the top of my head, I am sure there are more pieces of evidence that the police have that the public doesn’t know about.  From the looks of it, he needs to stand trial before a jury of his peers.  If a jury can acquit him and sleep at night believing they made the right choice then that is what needs to happen.  Not this wishy-washy BS that the police are pulling about getting an arrest warrant for Hernandez and then recanting that the did.  Are the cops out there so corrupt that they will let a murder suspect walk just because he plays football for the patriots and has money to pay them to “make this go away”.  Because from where I see and how I interpret the actions of the police and the evidence that has been leaked the man needs to stand trial and have a fair hearing.  If there wasn’t already a past riddled with gun violence I might be able to believe that someone was framing him but until that evidence is leaked Hernandez will be nothing more than a spoiled rich football player who is capable of murdering someone in the heat of the moment and so immoral that he will bribe his way out of trouble, again.  If he stood trial and evidence came out that would clear his name, wonderful but if not, then justice should be served.

::UPDATE::  As of 5:45 pm, June 22, 2013 police left Hernandez’s home with 15 bags of evidence.  Who’s guilty now???  Makes ya go, HUMMM

Come to think of it there isn’t much difference between a mobster and a football player.

Moral of the Story:

If you are a famous football player with lots of money you can do whatever you want because you are like Teflon, nothing will stick to you even when all the evidence points to you being guilty.  Or maybe Tebow really does have a direct link to God and gets all of his prayers answered…

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What are your thoughts?

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