Me vs The AC 2013

Round 1 – Me 1   A/C 1

Our windows are huge, they take up 3/4 of the height of a wall.  The screens are the full window instead of the classic 1/2 window style and they are not easy to get out.  The first window in the living room was not so bad.  Then I get to the baby’s room.  It is hard enough getting that screen out but Robert crying in his crib because I don’t want him to get hurt, but he doesn’t understand that.  The more he cries the hotter he gets and it is 90+ degrees out.  Finally the screen is out and now it is time for the AC to go in.  I am hot and sweaty starting to have a migraine and all I want to do is cry with my little guy.  About an hour into this struggle Robert is now giggling at his mommy, nice.  and I get the AC in the window.  FINALLY!!!  AHHHH!!!  I plug it into the wall and ….   NOOOOO!!!!  The darn thing isn’t pushing out any air.  Ugggg  I can hear the cooling unit part hum but no fan.  I switch to the “fan only” setting and nothing…

With that my heart sunk and I gave up.  I got the little guy out of his crib and we went into the living room to cool off.

Round 2 – Me 0  A/C 1

Looks like the AC is going to win this battle.  uggg  I blew air in to it, cleaned out the filter, just in case it wasn’t clean enough.  I plugged it is and no change.  Next round I will take it apart.


What are your thoughts?

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