Honest People are Out There…

We went for lunch in a strip shopping center.  The type where all the stores are on the outside.  We left the car I click…clicked the locks till we heard the “beep…beep” and went into the restaurant.  We took our time and had to be in there for a good 45 minutes.  As we were coming out I said I wanted to go to the car and change the little guy’s diaper.  As we were walking up to the car we noticed the driver door open.  My SO says “is that your car door open?” and I replied “I think so” and we picked up our pace.  When we got to the car we checked it out.  Not one thing was taken, not the coins in my ashtray, the GPS or any of the CD‘s.


So what happened?  We aren’t 100% sure but we are guessing that I must have left the door open.  But then we both wonder “why didn’t someone (or even the people who parked next to us and behind us) shut the door?”  I would have closed someone’s door if I saw it open.

I had a couple of theories about this.

  1. With all the TV reality “What would you do?” types of shows out there people just avoided it to avoid being captured on film.
  2. No one would steal from a car with a baby car seat in it(totally counting on the good will of people).
  3. No one even noticed the door open

Regardless of why no one messed with the car I am very happy that everything was still there and nothing was missing.


What are your thoughts?

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