Mystery Shopping is FUN

I was surprised at how easy and fun mystery shopping can be.  there are some that are harder to do and require more effort but those are also the shops that pay/reimburse the most money.  I can’t list where I have don’t shops but I can say I have done everything from an eatery to a car dealership.  I think the dealership shops are my favorite so far and they are the ones that pay the best.  One thing that most of the shops stipulate are that 1. you aren’t friends or related to anyone at the place (kind of common sense) and 2. you haven’t shopped there in the last 5 – 12 months(the time frame is different with all locations).

I think the amusement park one was the BEST.  I was reimbursed for my entry to the park, parking, lunch, and 1 small item from the gift shop plus an extra 4 free passes to return anytime I want with-in the next year.  Not to mention we had lots of fun!  When I got to the survey part it was very long and needed a lot of detail.  Took about 5 hours to complete the survey; thankfully I had good notes.

What I have found to be the biggest help is to look like I am sending a text message to someone on my phone and send myself lots of small emails while I do my shops.  When I get home I then open my emails compile the information into a document and start the survey.  It makes most surveys go faster.

I know I have said for people to contact me if they are interested in doing mystery shopping.  The bonus part is that some of the companies will give out bonuses for sending referrals.  Please, do contact me any way just so I know to look out for a new referral.  My favorite company is BestMark (that is my direct referral link).  The other companies have their own internal referral system which will send an email out to the person I enter in.  If you would like for me to have those links sent to you via email please fill out the contact info sheet:(the information you enter will not be public and will remain private.  It will only be used to send you the links from the companies I do shops for)


What are your thoughts?

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