Calgon Take Me Away PLEASE

I feel like my day today would make a perfect commercial for Calgon Bath Bubbles.  Here is a sniplet of my day…

Wake up and hit snooze than before the alarm goes off the little guy sequels and is awake.  I pull myself out of bed and start our morning routine. ~~  Change diaper, bring him to the living room make his daddy coffee and him a cup of milk while I get his breakfast ready.  Go to make PBJ for daddy and no bread. STRIKE 1 daddy leaves for work LO plays for a bit while I re-arrange the living room.  takes his nap and I pick up his mess.

When he gets up from his nap we head to the store to get daddy his lunch and some bread.  We were in line at the sub part of the store when this guy (maybe in his mid to late 60’s) was chatting up the guy ahead of us.  When the food prep guy was finished with that guys sub he asked Who’s next while looking at that other guy even though he knew we were there first.  Before I could say anything that guy jumped right in. STRIKE 2  So I wasn’t so nice, and when my LO got loud I didn’t even bother shushing him.  I just explained that there are rude people every where and some people feel like they are entitled.  I also told him he better never be as rude as that guy and if he sees a woman with a child he should never cut in front of them.  So the food prep guy finished that sub order and looked past us and asked who is next while looking at the person diagonal from us.  At this point I spoke up and said “No one will cut in front of us again, we have waited over 20 minutes for you to get our sub order.”  After he finished our sub I went to the woman who normally helps us and she got the little guy’s and my lunch ready and asked how we were today so I told her about the short version and how I wished she was over there still.

When we got home we had lunch and played our alphabet game for a while then it was nap time.  I put him in his crib and he was fine for about 10 minute then he was screaming and crying like someone just stole his favorite monkey…  oh he threw it out of the crib so I handed it back and told him “night night .. I love you”  he was fine for 5 minutes and again..  I went in after 20 minutes of him carrying on and got him out.  then it was like he was possessed.  he was a royal terror.  so tired but didn’t want to nap.  When I came back  up stairs from getting the laundry there he was pleased as could be with the wipes dumped out of the box and ripped apart.  I should have taken a picture but I wasn’t amused.  It was our last box of wipes.  STRIKE 3

So I thought that was the end of my horrible day once I put him to bed for the night. NOPE!!!

I have nothing against motorcycles but WTF do people feel the need to go wide open with their loud a$$ bikes in a residential area so late. I am not talking normal motorcycle noise, I am talking so loud my deaf in 1 ear self could feel the house shake and hear it over the TV with the windows SHUT. The MF woke up R and pissed me off. And now the guy is looping again ARE YOU EFING KIDDING ME!!!!!!

GOOD NIGHT!!!!  I wish we had a tub because I really need a nice long hot bath…

What are your thoughts?

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