Curious Toddler

My little guy is so curious now.  He will watch us do something once and want to mimic us.  It is too cute.  He will sit there and get so frustrated while trying to do what ever it is from stacking things, taking things apart and putting them back together.  When he masters it he claps for himself and destroys what ever it he did and repeat.

At the playground he saw older kids on skateboards, which he loves.  He says to me “ska…ska…” and points so we went over and watched them for a bit.  When we got home a couple of hours later he was trying to turn everything into a skateboard.  He also was never a climber, those day are over.  He pushed over our “egg” chair and climbed up in it like he was going to sit down.  The then looks at me with an impish grin and climbs over the top on to the couch.  OH BOY!!


What are your thoughts?

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