Storenvy Updates

I have worked on re-coding parts of my Storenvy shop and adding now items as I make them.  Currently I am attempting to add an RSS feed page for my blog but it doesn’t seem to be linking to the store the way I thought it would.


It is so frustrating.  On top of that I have a toddler fighting his nap.  He is so tired….  ugggg  oh well, I will put this aside, give in and get the little guy up so we can run our errands.



Well, that was a fail.  šŸ˜¦  boo..   BUT the little guy has fallen asleep finally and now I can get to finishing a few more pieces.  Just realized I am out of Jump rings too so I will need to head into Michael’s tomorrow and get some.  With any luck I will get another 40% off coupon.  I love those.

What are your thoughts?

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