Monday Movie Review: Knight of Badassdome

Movie Rating ♥♥♥♥♥ (5/5)  Movie Trailer Posted below.

Awesome super fun movie. Great soundtrack. I recommend this movie to any one who ever participated in live action role play(LARP). It is like a bad version of LARP meets the evil dead. Has lots of cheesy blood and gore scenes. It is full of really good actors acting badly. At no point was I bored with this movie. I laughed through most of it. At the end of the last battle I was thinking “HOW AWESOME!!!” The Little Guy was head banging during the last battle scene. it was too cute. I don’t recommend it for kids who will really sit there and watch it as it might be scary to them, but for my LG who was more interested in dancing to the music, IT ROCKED!!!

This movie really makes me want to do LARP again. So much fun. I would see it again and I want to get it when makes it to iTunes. Check out the trailer!! The best fight scenes are not in the trailer at all, it really just glazes over the movie’s greatness!!

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