OMG!!! Sean and I are officially FREAKED out. LOL. We kept hearing noise and it sounded like someone was rearranging furniture upstairs in the attic above us. So I was just curious if maybe it was the new neighbors, so I decided I would take a look. So I went into the hall and over to the stairway door. It was closed and locked. But someone can go up there and lock the door behind them so I went into our apartment and grabbed the keys. I opened the door and went up the stairs to the attic door. It has a latch lock that can only be locked from the outside. It was locked!!
**Let me note I have always gotten a funny feeling walking up the stairs to the widows walk like I was being watched or something.**
As I was unlocking the door to the attic area I heard Sean coming to the stairs and waited for him. As I opened the door I was overwhelmed with this feeling of sadness and death… It was enough all I could say was “wow…look at this”
There was an old trunk, looked at least 100yrs old, old bed stand, a bunch of random house items, clothes and a hospital bed with a hand crank and a screen that looks like something that would have been used in the show M.A.S.H. and an old basin on a vanity also looking over 100yrs old. Sean said “looks like something can blow around up here or there is an animal up here.” So I closed and locked the door. As we were leaving I put my hand on the door and apologized for invading their space.
When we got back down stairs the noise in the attic got louder and more intense. And then it stopped abruptly.

What are your thoughts?

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