Monday Movie Review – Nominated Oscar 2014 Animation Short Films

** Due to a sick toddler and a sick daddy and now I am coming down with the plague that hit our house my Monday Movie Review has been delayed until today, Wednesday.  My Breastfeeding post will soon follow. **

Oscar shorts Animations MCs are an ostrich and a giraffe in a Bow tie. Lol.  very cute and entertaining.  Thank you Cinema Salem for letting me screen this film ♥

Movie Rating ♥♥♥♥ (4/5) Movie Trailer Posted below.

Get A Horse. A Mickey and Minnie Classic film mixed with present day animation. Super fun!! Mix of Classic Mickey music and some current beats mixed in.

Mr Hublot a French animation. Very realistic looking. A well done futuristic Steampunk short. No words yet the scenes capture the life of a OCD robot in first person and his relationship with a stray dog.  My Little Guy loved the robot dog and woofed at the screen.

Feral. Silent film about wolves and a child in the woods.  This short has a range of emotions from happy to sad and a little heartbreaking.

Possessions Classic Japanese animation with English subtitles. I would like to see a full length film by this creator.  My little guy stood still and watched the movie.  Each realm is stranger than the one before.  Teaches if you show respect for others things good things will befall on you.

Room on the Broom animation from the UK. Has a claymation feel to it. Very fun and upbeat short with a flair for the dramatic. It shows the value of teamwork.

The missing Scarf animation from Ireland narrated by George Takei. Cute, like an animated storybook. A good message about try and try again, practice makes perfect. And a pleasant message about not being hindered by fears. Also includes a short lesson of the ways of the universe.

Blue Umbrella One of my favorite shorts by Pixar about rain and umbrella love.  very adorable!!  I could watch this on repeat.

** NEXT WEEK – The Lego Movie **

What are your thoughts?

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