Monday Movie Review – Her


Movie Rating ♥♥♥♥ (4/5) Movie Trailer Posted below.

OS1 interesting AI computer operating system(OS). A touching film about a man and his computer. I am very impressed with how real the movie feels. Like peaking into someone’s life. OS1 aka Samantha, as she names herself, becomes more than an OS to him. It becomes more of a love affair. There are parts of the film that are borderline soft porn.
Overall the movie is funny and very sad. Sad because he was so heartbroken over the break up of his marriage that he didn’t feel able to connect to another human. He open up to “Samantha” and she helps him to see that “the past is just a story we keep telling ourself” What I found most interesting is that he writes for a custom love letter company.

Thank you Cinema Salem for a lovely Baby & Me movie.

Enjoy the movie trailer

What are your thoughts?

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