A Poopie Wednesday

My little guy has been constipated for 3 days today being the 4th day with a fever yesterday and this morning. He threw up a little last night before bed, no doubt from not being able to move food. He has gone 3 days before no issues but this time seemed different.
Shortly after I wrote this his first poop came. OMG it was huge.
…. Back to the story…
I was beside myself, I had tried just about everything I knew to try with no luck. Remembering back to when I was younger my mom would give me mineral oil to help me. Well, we didn’t have any of that on the house but we did have virgin coconut oil. I gave my little guy a small baby spoon of coconut oil and shortly after he pooped… It is now Thursday and his poop hasn’t stopped. Every diaper I change is loaded with poop. I went out to get the mail and as soon as you walk back into the house all I smelled was toddler poop. Uggggg. Now we battle diarrhea…

And the poop continues…

What are your thoughts?

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