Wacky Wednesday Post – The Joys of being a Stay Home Mom

When we decided I would be a stay at home mom (SAHM) little did I know how hard it would be.  Before our son came bursting into our lives I thought Stay at Home Moms had it made.  I thought their day was easy.  No job to have to rush to or bosses to deal with.  No long commute in backed up traffic to deal with.  No office drama.  They got the joy of playing with their child all day, how hard can that be?  Lots of time for “me” time.

OMG  I was so WRONG!!!!  Stay home mom’s have a job that NEVER ends.  Our boss is a tiny creäture who demands 24 hour attention with no breaks.  There are no “15 minute” breaks and no lunch breaks.  Our commute to and from various play dates includes lots of traffic back ups all for the love of our child.  No office drama …  Yea right…  Life with a 2 year old there are moments that are spent walking on eggshells that something could set off a wicked temper, oh the drama and over emotion.  Sure, playing with a child is fun but constant entertaining of a 2 year old is hard work because there are days that nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, is right.  It is hard work having fun and educational things lined up to do with many back up ideas for when the planned ones are discarded.

“But you have nap time, isn’t that enough alone time?” I have heard that a few times and the answer is “NO”.  Let me tell you what a SAHM has to squeeze into that brief nap.  We have to do laundry, dishes, pick up toys, cleaning the house, make meals and I am sure I am missing something.  For working at home stay at home mom’s we have to also use this time to create, develop, blog, network, advertise, make business calls and so much more.  I blog and have worked to build a company all squeezed into nap times.  I do multi-task pretty well now.  I have learned how to watch something entertaining while working.  Occasionally I nap with him but most days it is my brief time I can get things done.  It gets harder and harder the older he gets, the shorter the nap and the time of his nap.  Today he decided he was tired and needed to sleep at 9:30 am…  It will be a long day and hopefully a nice one as we will be out treasure hunting (geocaching).

Today is a day that started whiny and I am so happy to have had the time to blog, create product images and watch him sleep.  The nap this morning was my break from a cranky 2 yr old.

One thought on “Wacky Wednesday Post – The Joys of being a Stay Home Mom

  1. You are doing an excellent job. And, NO, it is not always easy or fun, but in the end it is the most rewarding job a Mom can have. Watching your LO grow and experience things, then return the favor by showing you what he has learned is so gratifying. Keep up the great work, stay proud – and good luck with the ‘not so fun’ times.

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