Manhattan Shorts

97%. Cute film about finding true love via an app.

Crime, the animated series. It’s ok, nice narrative. Like watching a comic strip come to life. Good way to show an interview. Not too impressive 2 stars.

On the Bridge – (based on a true story) – great sound track! Wow I am locked in. This film is awesome!! I love the storyline. 5 stars

Crime the animated series take 2 – Like how it is laid out .. Pretty boring. 1 star

Shift – I like how this shows the idea of shifting through space and time. I love the aspect of the guy using the ability to rob the vault and the failure based on the guard closing the steel door. Fabulous by far. 5 stars

Crime the animated series take 3 – I like the story line. It was the best anime so far.

The Fall – this film is gripping horrible things she thinking about while scaling a cliff and thinking about what she saw on her husbands camera. How she releases the ropes as he scales the side of the cliff. 3 stars. Just an average film. Editing is not so good felt like I was watching a home movie.

On/Off – this was awesome. I really enjoyed it. I didn’t expect the ending. 4 stars!

La Carnada – a little boy is forced to find a job to help pay for his mothers insulin and take care of her. His sister left taking all the money the family had saved. He starts to carry drugs for a dealer. He drank all his water and faints on the desert. Boarder patrol finds him and the drugs he was carrying. He is airlifted to a hospital. (Definition: Bait live bait decoy.) 5 stars.

Men make do. This is cute. I like the new take on animation. 4 stars

The brave the boldest. – this film made me cry. I felt her emotion. If I could rate this over 5 stars I would.. Heck I give it a double 5 star rating.

Rhino Full Throttle – very neat mix real film and 2d animation. Super cute film. Liked this a lot 4 stars.


What are your thoughts?

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