Cyber Bullying of a Mourning Mother via Facebook


I was saddened to hear that cyber bullying is occurring on Facebook when they claim to be tough on it.  Don’t believe the claims, Facebook protects the cowardly bullies under their privacy terms.

This case is so close to home that I don’t know where to even begin.  First here are some basics.  My friend was about 23-24 weeks pregnant when it was determined that there wasn’t a fetal heartbeat.  She had to go through labor and delivery of her stillborn daughter.  This act alone for a mother is the hardest most devastating moment of their lives.  She was blessed to have had the precious moments with her angel baby where she could hold her in her arms, look at her tiny hands and feet, and say goodbye.

With that she shared openly her loss.  Her friends were by her side offering support.  She posted pictures of her beautiful baby girl.  Julianna Skye, was a baby who wasn’t strong enough to take a breath in our world but instead crossed over to be an angel for her mommy and big sister.  Her spirit lives on for them in the few pictures that my friend was able to take of her and her precious baby in those short moments they had together before she had to hand Julianna to a nurse to be taken away.

Shortly after she posted the photos of her daughter someone had marked one of the photos as abusive and she was notified.  She was so upset and a bunch of us commented about this spineless person and how horrible it was of them to do this to a mother who just lost her baby.  She went offline for a few weeks and came back creating a new profile that was private and just for people who were friends.  On December 26, 2014, Julianna’s due date, my friend and her daughter did a balloon release at her grave site.  She was having the lowest moment of her day posted her pictures and opened up to us, the ones she thought were her friends.  Someone in the group submitted the picture of her daughter as “graphic violence” to the Facebook admin.  She tried to contact Facebook in regards to her photos and what she went through and all she was cold in a cold email is that they wouldn’t tell her who was reporting them.  If she knew who was reporting them she could have blocked them from her page.

Some people may not see reporting 2 images as bullying but the face that my friend created a new profile and it happened again means it was someone who knew her and it was a deliberate stab when she was most vulnerable.  Facebook’s privacy BS but when it is used to protect a coward who is getting off on tormenting a grieving mother they should really step up and help that mother not add to her pain and suffering.  I asked my friend if I could post the picture of her little girl because to me she looks like a sleeping angel in a praying position.  Not one thing about this photo is violent or graphic.  Julianna is swaddled like any other newborn after birth with a cap and blanket wrapped to look like an outfit.

Rest in Peace beautiful angel baby, Julianna Skye.


One thought on “Cyber Bullying of a Mourning Mother via Facebook

  1. You are a beautiful friend to a mother who is grieving and relies on her friends to support her and her family in a very difficult time for them. It is difficult to imagine that someone who is supposed to be a friend would do such a dispicable thing to this mother.

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