Stanley Kids Ripped from Their Loving Home & the Truth About MMS

This case is of personal interest to me as we have chosen to homeschool our son.  I know homeschooling isn’t the reason for this case but it is still scary to think that being a homeschool parent puts you under a totally different microscope than parents of kids who go to a public or private educational institute.  Being a parent who chooses homeopathic medical treatment over the more poisonous modern medicine treatments adds another concern.  It is sad to think that this can happen to any family that doesn’t fit the “normal” American ideals.

The officers of the Garland County Sheriffs Office ripped seven of the nine children still living at home away from Hal and Michelle Stanley on January 12th.  They were taken into custody on the accusations of an anonymous person’s report.  They acquired a search warrant for MMS and when it was found, without question or debate they ripped the children away from the parents.  The parents were made to stand in the cold with no coats for over an hour and not able to see or speak to their children.  They were not allowed to retrieve their phones and they were not allowed to call for a lawyer.

I want to put the focus on MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution.  I want to give the other side since everything that they will dig up and try to present will only be 1/4 of the truth.  They will focus on the negatives and not the positive and beneficial health aspects.  MMS solution sold by MMS Products International “is a mixture of 28% sodium chlorite that has been standardized within a distilled water base” making the chlorine dioxide.  This is not to be confused with chlorine or bleach.

What does it treat?

HIV/AIDS – when used for 3 weeks in a specific protocol it can be used to treat most cases with a high rate of successful curing.  It has successfully treated hepatitis A,B and C, malaria, herpes, and TB.  Most cancers respond well to the MMS treatment when following the correct protocols for the specific infection.  It is an alternative treatment for anthrax, which is excellent news for anyone who are allergic to the current treatment protocols.  It can safely and effectively treat various types of yeast, mold, fungi, viruses, and bacterial infections.  It can be used to treat ground water (well water) to make it safe to drink without the use of harmful chemicals.

My Opinion:

The FDA won’t endorse this as a medical treatment or medically beneficial treatment because of the fear it would take away from the pharmaceutical companies who line their pockets with money.  Just my opinion.

I do think this is amazing and find the facts to be very interesting.  Would I personally use it probably not because if you don’t follow the specific protocols it can be toxic, but so can just about anything we ingest.


Jim Humble’s Website,, MMS Products International


What are your thoughts?

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