Freedom of Speech in Boston, MA is Dying!!!

Boston’s new Mayor has some big shoes to fill but he is too busy digging a hole he might not climb out of.  He is not off to a good start.

Mayor Walsh has signed an order that prohibits Boston city workers for voicing their anti-Olympic opinions.  Seems he is on a bit of a power trip.  He thinks the whole die in protests are out of hand, I am sure taking away the freedom of speech of city workers wont set very well with the citizens or any of the college students who like to ditch class and protest for anything under the sun.

The order states:

“The City, including its employees, officers, and representatives, shall not make, publish or communicate to any Person, or communicated in any public forum, any comments or statements (written or oral) that reflect unfavorably upon, denigrate or disparage, or are detrimental to the reputation or statute of, the [International Olympic Committee], the [International Paralympic Committee], the USOC, the IOC Bid, the Bid Committee or the Olympic or Paralympic movement. The City, including its employees, officers and representatives, shall each promote the Bid Committee, the USOC, the IOC Bid, U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls and the Olympic and Paralympic movement in a positive manner.”

Walsh tells people to think of the crowds and the construction.  Is he forgetting that with that also comes more theft and loss?   And lets not forget the INCREASE in TAXES that the city and the state residents will have to pay for this event.  Heck they don’t have enough tax revenue to cover the current budget what would the taxes raise to to cover the enormous expense of having the Olympics in Boston.

This new mayor clearly doesn’t understand to what point the citizens of Boston will push back.  The people of Boston are unique in the way they get their point across.  It will be interesting to see how this unfolds over the coming days and weeks.  Having people on both side of an issue is how some of the best solutions are created.  If everything is one sided then there is never a good solution because everyone is looking at it from the same stance and major issues get over looked.  Also, nothing great comes from having a flock of sheep meandering around.

Lets make a simple analogy here: It is similar to the nursery rhyme “The 3 Little Pigs”.  A good housing solution didn’t come up until the Big Bad Wolf was there testing the pigs designs and structures that the perfect structure was created.  If it wasn’t for the big bad wolf those little pigs would have been living in the flimsy straw house forever.


I personally don’t give a flying crap if the Olympics are in Boston or not.  It is the taking away the freedom of speech because he doesn’t like what people are saying I have an issue with.

What are your thoughts?

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