11 month old Gabriel has his 3rd open heart surgery resulting in full heart transplant


Gabriel’s Journey

Please help support The Reck Family in getting Gabriel the medical care he needs to keep his new hero heart beating and his body thriving. He has already made it through his first and second open heart surgeries at 6 days and 4 months old, and now a full heart transplant at 11 months old. He will need close monitoring and take medicine for the rest of his life just to live . . .

With 4 girls at home and over an hours drive back and forth to the hospital, funds are needed so the family can stay with Gabriel as much as possible while he recovers. His care will require time, specialized care, travel, appointments with many types of doctors and the support of those who love him!

Gabriel was born with a rare congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). This condition means the left ventricle of the heart is severely underdeveloped. Basically, he only has half his heart working for him and ultimately should receive a heart transplant.

Please take the the time to give, even if it’s only $5. Every little bit will make a difference and be appreciated beyond words!

UPDATE – 3/22/15

Update from Gabriel’s mom (3/22/15): Sunday update : The main medication he receives for rejection, Tacrolimus, is still being adjusted to suit him. Dr.Lecuyer said he looks great and he is thinking Tuesday he should be ready to go to Ronald McDonald house. Once at the Ronald McDonald house (which is with in walking distance to hospital) he will come to the hospital twice a week to see the Cardiologist and he will also have PT, OT, & speech therapy either two or three times a week. At every cardiology appointment they will draw labs to check the levels of his medications and adjust them as needed, they will do an ekg & echo of his new heart as well at every visit.  (taken from the GOFUNDME page)


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