Red Eye and Sniffle Free

We tried out Claritin’s Children’s Syrup for a few days. My 3 year old son has severe year round allergies. We typically don’t go to playgrounds because he is so sensitive to the wood chips most use as ground cover. Pollen is him mortal enemy. Children’s Claritin Syrup helped him have 15 hours of symptom free day including a few hours of outdoor play at the local park. It was nice seeing him be a kid with out his eyes puffing up and getting all red. By reducing his symptoms his breathing was easier and there were no sniffles. I am one happy mama.

I recommend Children’s Claritin to parents with kids of all levels of seasonal allergies. I am sure the less sensitive the child to seasonal allergies the longer the Claritin will last. For us 15 hours is AMAZING.

I received a product sample via #BzzAgent and #Claritin to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

What are your thoughts?

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